Saturday, August 02, 2008

Best picture about Fossil Fuels vs Electricity

And that is why we need to find a good way to "make" gasoline. Right now, the specific energy just rocks. We need a way for solar/tidal/wind/etc -> gasoline, and that way has to be the most efficient possible.


SPAM said...

Ah, but what is the specific energy of uranium?

sstc said...

of just the uranium?
88,250,000 Energy density by mass (MJ/kg)
1,500,000,000 Energy density by volume (MJ/L)

gasoline, on the other hand,
46.9 (MJ/kg)
34.6 (MJ/L)

Hydrogen looks good if you just look at energy density. Expand your mind to an integrated system, and its not so good.

after all of the shielding and cooling for uranium? Not so great.

After all, we would have nuclear airplanes then.

I suppose it is more then specific energy of the fuel. To be more precise, we need a graph of specific energy of an integrated system for certain applications, like car or airplane or electricity production.