Friday, August 22, 2008

Scooter update

I think I fixed one of the problems with the scooter. The front brake disk was rubbing against the front brake caliper.

I took off the wheel and put it back on (correctly, it seems). It didn't rub as much (as in, not at all). I maybe have to take it off again and file the caliper a bit. I think the right answer is to get a different sized spacer between the wheel and caliper (so anyone that wants to buy me a lathe, now is a good time). I might be able to file the current spacer.

Its not really past the wear in period, but having the brake disk abrade the brake caliper just seems wrong.

The scooter is faster with the fix, supposedly I was at 40 mph. I want to calibrate the speedometer, I am not sure that it is accurate.

Does anyone have a INS/GPS system that might help me out?

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