Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Brother Pictures

I got a new cell phone recently. It has a camera, so I can take pictures of people and the world around me. You can associate a picture with a contact in your address book and the picture comes up when they call you.

My family all switched providers, so we all had new phones and were gathered. I was taking pictures of everyone to put in my phone.

Later on, the part of my brain that works for 'the man' was active.

Soon, we should be able to get fairly accurate photos of almost everyone in the United States. A program could download all of the pictures/contact pairings and make a huge database of every phone number/name/photo combination. Hacking the phones can't be too hard, people get naked photos of celebrities all the time that way. It could be written like a spider, using the numbers in the contact list as ideas for the next phone to download from.

I'm not for the creation of such a beast, just noting that it is possible.

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