Sunday, January 08, 2017

Books I read 2017

A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide: The Deserts of the Southwest - Peggy Larson
The River War: An Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan - Winston Churchill
Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words - Randall Monroe
The Black Swan: The Impact of Highly Improbable - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
The Battle of the Bulge: A Graphic History of Allied Victory in the Ardennes, 1944-1945 -
Wayne Vansant
Dinosaur Comics: Fig e. Everybody knows failure is just success rounded down. - Ryan North
Talk Like Ted - Carmino Gallo
Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them: Newt Scamander - J.K. Rowling
Quidditch Through The Ages: Kennilworthy Whip - J.K. Rowling
The Tales of Beedle the Bard: With Additional notes by Professor Albus Dumbledore: J.K. Rowling
Shadow Command - Dale Brown
Becoming a Technical Leader: An Organic Problem Solving Approach - Gerald M. Weinberg
Afghanistan: A Russian Soldier's Story - Vladislav Tamarov
A Pattern Language - Christopher Alexander
Blood Year: The Unraveling of Western Counterterrorism - David KilCullen
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two - Jack Thorne, John Tiffany, J.K. Rowling
A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide: The Piedmont - Michael A. Godfrey
Manual of Lathe Operation and Machinists Tables - Engineering Department of the Atlas Press Company
Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood - Marjane Satrapi
Wardogs: The TRUE STORY of How Three Stoners from Miami Beach Because the Most Unlikely Gunrunners in History - Guy Lawson
D&D Basic Rules: Player's Basic Rules Version 0.2 - Wizards of the Coast
Defeating ISIS: Who They Are, How They Fight, What They Believe - Malcolm Nance and Richard Engel
The Grid - Peter Seibel
The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth Extracted 
Textually from the Gospels - Compiled by Thomas Jefferson
Boy: Tales of Childhood - Roald Dahl
D&D Basic Rules: Dungeon Master's Basic Rules Version 0.3 - Wizards of the Coast
Gon - Masashi Tanaka

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Books I read 2015

The Man-Eaters of Tsavo - John Henry Patterson
The Kingdom: Arabia and the House of Sa'ud - Robert Lacey
Thinking About America's Defense: An Analytical Memoir - Glenn A. Kent
American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S.
Military History - Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen , Jim DeFelice
MiG: Fifty Years of Secret Aircraft Design - R. A. Belyakov and J. Marmain
Pigsticking or, Hoghunting: a complete account for sportsmen, and others - R. S. S. Baden-Powell
Guerrilla: A Novel - Lord Dunsany
Thirteen Years Among The Wild Beasts Of India: Their Haunts And Habits From Personal
Observation With An Account Of The Modes Of Capturing And
Taming Elephants - George P Sanderson
On War - Carl von Clausewitz [Translated by Colonel J.J.Graham, Revised by Colonel F.N. Maude]
The Mythical Man-Month - Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
The Martian - Andy Weir
Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World - Gen. Stanley McCrystal, Tantum
Collins, David Silverman, Chris Fussell
Meditations on Hunting - José Ortega y Gasset, Translated by Howard B. Wescott
The Wit and Widsom of Benjamin Franklin: A treasury of Quotations, Anecdotes and Observations -
James C. Humes
Large Game Shooting in Thibet and the North West, 2nd ed. - Colonel Alexander Angus Airlie Kinloch
Dreamland: Razor's Edge - Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice
Inventing Accuracy: A Historical Sociology of Nuclear Missile Guidance - Donald Mackenzie
War as I Knew It - General George S. Patton, Jr.
The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood
Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War - P. W. Singer and August Cole
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion - Robert B. Cialdini, PhD.
The Student's Manual of Tactics - Matthew Horace Hayes
Global Value: How to Spot Bubbles, Avoid Market Crashes, and Earn Big Returns in the
Stock Market - Meb Faber
Global Asset Allocation: A Survey of the World's Top Investment Strategies - Meb Faber
Shareholder Yield: A Better Approach to Dividend Investing - Meb Faber

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Books I read 2014

The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting, Tips, and
Advice on First-Year Maintenance - Louwis Borgenicht and Joe Botgenicht
Dinosaur Comics: fig. d Dudes already know about chickens. - Ryan North
Experimenting with Babies: 50 Amazing Science Projects You Can Perform on
Your Kid - Shaun Gallagher
How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My
Life - Scott Adams
Red Storm Rising - Tom Clancy
The Creative Engineer: The Art of Inventing - Winston E. Kock
Warfighting: MCDP 1 - U.S. Marine Corps PCN 142 000006 00
Catch-22 - Joseph Heller
Do-It-Yourself Energy-Saving Projects - Sunset Book
The Colt 1911: An Engineer's Perspective - Malcolm J. Werner
T-Rex Trying - Hugh Murphy
The Dictator's Handbook: A practical manual for the aspiring
tyrant - Randall Wood & Carmine DeLuca
Crisis In Zefra - Directorate of Land Strategic Concepts (Canadian Army)
Charlie Wilson's War - Goerge Crile
Jurassic Park - Michael Crichton
The Decline and Fall of IBM: End of an American Icon? - Robert X. Cringely
Men's Style - Russel Smith
The Scientific Breakthrough: The Impact of Modern Invention - Ronald W. Clark
Fantastic Voyage - Isaac Asimov
Sniper: A History of the US Marksman - Martin Pegler
American Indian Myths and Legends - Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz
Fart Proudly: Writings of Benjamin Franklin You Never Read in School - Edited
by Carl Japikse
What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions - Randall Munroe

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Books I Read 2013

All In: The Education of General David Petraeus - Paula Broadwell
The Bro Code - Matt Kuhn
The Clock of the Long Now: Time and Responsibility - Stewart Brand
Spec Ops - William H. McRaven
Ender's Shadow - Orson Scott Card
Analogue Computers - K.N. Dodd (Teach yourself books)
Marine Sniper - Charles Henderson
Hammerheads - Dale Brown
Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson
Rogue Forces - Dale Brown
Animal, Vegatable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life - Barbara Kingsolver
Roughing it Elegantly: A Practical Guide to Canoe Camping - Patricia J. Bell
Through the Brazilian Wilderness - Theodore Roosevelt
Theories of International Politics and ZOMBIES - Daniel W. Drezner
Eat Sleep Poop: A Common Sense Guide to Your Baby's First Year - Scott W. Cohen
Guide to Your Baby's First Year - Mayo Clinic
The Old Way: A story of the first people - Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
2004 Toyota Camry Owner's Manual - Toyota
Hunting the Grisly and Other Sketches - Theodore Roosevelt
Elmer Keith's Big Game Hunting - Elmer Keith
The Clock of the Long Now: Mechanical Drawings of the First Prototype

Sunday, February 03, 2013

2013 Superbowl pool template

New superbowl pool template

Not sure if I am doing it this year due to the move, but I update this file every year, so here it is.

Superbowl pool 2013

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Haven't used a pen (sustained) in a while, its nice

I was drawing some diagrams today and drew them on paper before I put them into figures on the computer.

My trusty Pilot G-2 mini and computer printer paper were made for each other.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Lifelong goal reached

So, I finally met a lifelong goal.

I can now walk to the printer without taking my headphones off in the office.

I bought a 12ft extension for headphones and it works great.