Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Power supply for Alarm Clock

I made a power supply for the chip last night. I used a wall wart (transformer) from an extra hub that I had lying around. It was 5V which was what I was looking for. I initially de-soldered the connector from the hub, and soldered wires to the pins. This way I wouldn't have to modify the actual plug from the wall wart.

Fate decided that I was being foolish. I spent about an hour trying to figure out how I could have continuity between two points, but those two points would not carry a voltage. It turns out that it works when they were not inserted into each other, but once you plug it in, the connection would be broken on the "sleeve" part, not the pin part.

So, plan B. Just stick a wire in the hole on the connector and another wrapped around the outside, held with duct tape and hope.

I also soldered little jumper wires to the wires at the end of the programmer that I made last time. This way I can stick it into the breadboard without breaking the wire or crying.

Next post will be about sending my first program to the ATMega168, which now has power, and a programmer. I don't think I need anything else just yet, I choose that chip because it didn't need any support circuitry.

Sorry if the descriptions are confusing, a picture or diagram would help, but I didn't get my memory card for my phone yet.

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