Monday, August 11, 2008

Bush on NBC last night

Bush amazed me last night (8/10/08) on NBC during the Olympics coverage.

The NBC dude kept trying to get him to say something that would piss off the Chinese, but he answered everything in a very political manner. He was mature and realized that we have to engage the Chinese. Smart sounding answers, very human. Didn't seem rehearsed, he was relaxed, and actually a bit annoyed at being stuck in the NBC studio instead of watching the games.

Why couldn't he have performed like that on TV before?

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Anonymous said...

i know that i watched it with you, but i just wanted to concur...

...and i know if my mother reads this, she'll flip a lid with the though of me being supportive of 'he who shall not be named'...

...but he showed knowledge on the issues, and openness to differences, and just all around class. i was pleasantly surprised.