Thursday, August 21, 2008


In class one of the researchers talked about vulnerability in cyberspace, and how we were all vulnerable.

I had an interesting thought.

Aren't we all vulnerable in real life? Like, I don't walk around in body armor from inside of a tank, with a Doctor at my side. Different people have different levels of security, but in the end, a determined person could get what they wanted.

Isn't it the same with cybersecurity? Maybe we are trying to treat the symptom, and not the cause.

Having freedom on the internet made it into what it is today. Adding security that is not really security may make us less safe.

Side note, xkcd talked about this recently, excellent point!

So, an interesting research question:
1) What level of vulnerability is acceptable for cyberspace?
Bonus points:
2) What level of vulnerability is acceptable for real life?
3) Should cyberspace be made to be less vulnerable than real life at great expense?

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