Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Radish and others update.

So, I finally figured out what was eating my radishes. These green caterpillers, maybe from a cabbage white butterfly. I hand picked them all off. I found out that a pesticide made from a bacteria should keep them off of the radishes, "BT". Pictures!

My other pots had plants that started to come up. I am not sure that all of those plants are what I planted. I did have one really strong plant, it must be a bean plant. The other ones were really small. We will see relatively soon.

I need a new camera, one that can zoom in to see small things....

Here is a proper photo, of misty.

Japanese satellite problems

Chinese ASAT test? You heard it here first!
The Chinese have been looking for different ways to disable satellites. They are especially interested in ways to disable the satellite such that the operator does not know who to blame.

Electrical problems can mean a lot of things. It looks like a power supply problem.

No evidence of a Chinese ASAT test, but it would make a lot of sense for them to test out their ideas on a country such as Japan before they would try something like that on a US satellite. The Japanese do not have the space forensics capability that we have, so it would be a lot harder to track something like that down.

What would make more sense would be for the Chinese to test it on their OWN satellite... which would also be a more probable test.

I would place my money on it being a Japanese issue with the design of the satellite.

Electronic Warfare type effects would be hard to distinguish from many other types of failures though. You can make a Electonic Warfare attack look like a structural failure, a computer failure, a power supply failure, etc.

interesting thing that also just happened...
The Japanese Cabinet passed an emergency guideline under which the defence minister can issue immediate orders to intercept incoming ballistic missiles being fired toward the country, Kyodo News said.
So they cut out the middle man when it comes to defense.

Update: What if this whole thing is a farce? The "glitch" may be a news article so that the DRNK would not worry so much about Japanese capabilities.

In other news, my one of my radishes has a 0.5 inch bulb of editable goodness. Time for harvest?

Friday, March 23, 2007

what have I become?!

Even my dog was bored with me on this Friday night of homework during spring break.


Arguement against pulling out

I mean, really. Who wants to pull out?

Basically, the British left, and... SUPPRISE! the two factions start fighting...

Don't worry, I am charging the camera so I can get more pics of Radishes.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Really neat website

Check this out. It is a neat java app of the US government expenses. You can also "zoom in" with the menu thing on the left.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Inflation, movies, and actors

Is it bad when you haven't been in a major film for so long, that inflation makes it be your biggest opener ever?
Biker Romp 'Wild Hogs' Debuts at No. 1

Travolta's last movie was "Lonely Hearts" in 2006, and before that it was "Be Cool" in 2005.


My radishes have germinated. I planted them last Saturday, and sure enough, in 7 (packet said 7-10) days they germinated.

I have a shitty camera, and realized that I should have taken it at more of an angle. If you look really hard, you can see little bits of green. Those are the radishes. All of the seeds seemed to have worked, so I will need to thin them soon. I am going to give them a couple of days to get started so I can figure out which ones are the strong ones.

I can plant another set in a week, it said that you can plant them every two weeks for a while. I have another pot ready for cherry tomatoes. I think I need to get some smaller pots for bean plants. I don't want to plant any in the yard this time, because my gardener(I mean... mower dude) figures that anything that grows is a weed. "Thats a weed" - him, "no, thats beans, I planted them, look at the fruit and flowers" -me

I don't even know if I like to eat radishes!