Saturday, June 02, 2007

Drive to MD

Some comments about the drive from Atlanta to Poolsville, MD.

Gas prices ranged from 2.89 to 3.19

If you are from New Jersey and your license plate is KVW 6OV (zero or O, not sure), you are a douche.

My most favoritest driver on the road was a black sorority girl from Charlotte, NC. DP132 I salute you. I do believe that following your crazy driving lead to hours of saved time.

I started at 9:40 am and ended at 7:13 including breaks and meals. I traveled 658 ish miles. Thats what, about 9.55 hours? Decent time if I do say so myself.

Pretty uneventful, who would have thought that VA was so big? People in SC/NC don't follow the speed limits at all. People in VA go about 10 over, max. Its interesting how it is almost like a light switch. I don't believe VA about speed being tracked by aircraft, the best theory that I have heard is that they use cessnas that time how long it takes you to pass two known markers, and radio the cops. In VA, the highways are built with many small hills that have cops hidden in caves on the side. (or just the other side of the hill), so watch out. VA definitely DOES NOT have GMTI.

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