Wednesday, May 30, 2007

live blogging a call with comcast...

Start 6:41

"This call may be monitored or recorded for quality service"

just got told i hit the wrong number to disconnect....

recalling, 6:43

real person 6:44

done 6:55

story follows...

So, first I called, and my finger must have slipped, cuz the person said I had the wrong department, even though I was in billing.

So I called back. The person in billing told me the wrong key presses, but! guess what I can listen, and picked the right place to go.

So the girl picks up, rattles her name (decided not to post it... ). I had found the right place. She tells me that the next time they can come by is June 25th to disconnect. I was like... WTF. JUNE 25th!. Thats almost a month from now. Next year, I bet it will take two months to disconnect. At least they aren't silly enough to try and get me to pay for it. I was clear about that.

Previously, I had paid until 6/10/07. They send out a bill that makes you pay for the next month of service before you get it. Much to my surprise, I am promptly notified that I owe 29.57 on my bill for the period until 6/10/07. She keep acting like I was retarded and couldn't read the bill. I got out my credit card statement, the comcast statement, and explained that based on when I received the bill and when I paid, the bill was paid in full. Turns out, either she messed up (just censored myself!) or it is company policy. End result, I am owed $2.11.

The only rub is that I have to make sure they get their cable modem back, or I have to pay for it. I do believe that I don't actually have to give it back, as I don't pay rent on it and never signed an agreement that said I rented it. It came from a previous house owner. I wouldn't mind letting them take it though. I'll get my agents in the ATL to help me with that on JUNE 25TH.

More posts to follow. I have a post about the trip up here, the first week, Memorial Day weekend, and probably this weekend (it will be that long until I write them... )

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Emma said...

Comment Jar= 1

:) I'm always checking!

Your phone call reminds me of my experience with my server people as of late. Very non-pleasant.

William said...

As a wise person once said: Comcast sucks.

Comment Jar ++

Anonymous said...

Your Comcast experience is unfortunate. Tell us who has the modem and how you would like to ship it.

I've been eagerly awaiting your first blog post about DC-area life.

A wise person also once said: use pre-increment unless you have a good reason not to. Post-increment, if properly implemented, results in a copy that is frequently unnecessary and more frequently overlooked.


Andy Kerr, Proud Flask Owner