Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend update

This weekend, I didn't do as much, but I also didn't have an off Friday.

I went to TT Reynolds, a local bar with some of the people staying at the same place. Pretty good time, when Todd/Adam/Dana come, I'll probably take them there. We played dominoes (yes, really). Another group of people with us were playing card drinking games. They had a live band on around 9. Decent, but I was near the speakers so my ears were having fun.

On Satuday we went to The National Air and Space Museum: STEVEN F. UDVAR-HAZY CENTER. It was really cool, only cost parking. We saw the IMAX show about a fighter pilot at Red Flag. Ate a 8 dollar McDonalds meal (get food before you go!). Afterwards, we went to Damon's Grill, it was pretty good.

On Sunday, we went to the mall and Whole Foods. Whole Foods is pretty neat, I am going to go back if the hummus I bought was any good. At the mall, we went to the wrong parking lot, and thought that Andrew's car got stolen... Luckily, we also looked around to see if we were even in the right place.

I might be going to a BBQ, I'll update this if it was any good, it looks like it is going to rain.


Emma said...

mmm. Whole Foods. :) You have good taste.

sstc said...

Yeah, since I hadn't heard of it, and now I can do is hear of it, I want to buy their stock.