Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wine Festival

Short one, I promise.

Andrew and I went to the wine festival today. It was a pretty good time. I am not yet skilled in being a wino, I had to turn away wine. At one point the person handing it out was like "Hey decepticon, No winez for you?", and I was like "nah, waiting till you get to the reds... " .. then we left the booth before he got to them. I didn't have much to eat before hand, and it was a fairly hot day. We got lunch when I couldn't take the red wine described as "firm". It tasted as pure tannin.

In the line, to get in I started choking. It was really weird, like an allergic reaction or something. I am not sure what caused it, I really needed some water (or wine!) but I still hadn't bought a ticket so I was screwed.

Lunch was good but expensive. I got introduced to something called crab dip (I didn't have any, but next time I will). I need to get my crabful while I am in a place that actually has crabs. (not of the STD kind.... I know what you are thinking Nic...)

I preferred the sweet fruity wines, and actually ended up buying three bottles from a winery called Horton. I didn't get drunk, or really buzzed. I definitely got dehydrated though, next time I am going to drink alot before I go, and have water on me. I was neat to be able to try all of the wines that each place produced. There were many young people, I was expecting all old ladies that would be giggly and loud (there were a few of those, but not too many).

All in all a good time. It would have been cooler with more people that I knew and a "home base". We really needed a blanket to sit on in the field where we could enjoy a bottle of wine instead of waiting for a little bit of each type of wine. More food in my belly is also recommended, I could not take some of the wines as they were a bit strong (not in the alcoholic sense) for my palate.


Anonymous said...

(leaving comment). mmm, wine.


Emma said...

my thoughts exactly Adam. :)