Sunday, June 24, 2007

Adam and Todd weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun.

Todd and Adam came in on Thursday night. We went to a pizza place and got to bed because I still had work on Friday.

They went and toured the capital. I was stuck at work. I found out that we had a whole other set of interns that we didn't know anything about. One of the interns where I work invited us all to a bar for a happy-hour deal. We (Andrew, Charles, and I) met Todd and Adam at the bar around 6. It was a pretty fun night, the people were our age. I never thought I would see flip-cup in a bar, but that's how it turned out. We all had a good time and no one decided to do anything stupid (that means Adam wasn't extremely plastered....)

On Saturday we first stopped at the National Firearms Museum. It wasn't really that great and could have been done much better. It seemed like they just took a bunch of guns and stuck them in cases. No history, no "this is how the mechanism works", just "hmm, pretty looking gun" or "wow, that looks dumb", or "What a pain in the ass to have to carry that".

Next, we took the metro into DC. We went to the Holocaust museum but did not get a chance to go through it. We walked to the Capital Building and Adam got some good pics. We went to the International Spy Museum, but since you buy a ticket for a certain entrance time, we went into the Smithsonian American Art Museum. I definitely want to go back to that.

The Spy Museum was pretty interesting. It is amazing when you see all of the plans and things that they have used. The really interesting part to me was the way that things got so much smaller. They had pin-hole cameras that you could buy, I can't even imagine what the spy agencies are using if civilians can get what they used during the Cold War.

Afterwards we went to Gordon Biersch. We were supposed to wait about 30-35 minutes, but Charles is a GB passport member. Once we figured out that we could get bumped to the front of the line, we were seated in about 2 minutes. The deal is that you pay $20 to become a member, and they give you a $20 gift certificate. You get points, and it works out that you get about 10% of what you spend back. I didn't eat there because Todd and I were going to make "deer" dip.

We ended up with Deer Dip, Mission Impossible III, and a fun night. Adam and I got a chance to play two games of Chess. I had an interesting thought about how in chess an OODA loop type advantage doesn't really apply. I think that if we had played with those clocks I might have done better. Adam beat me easily in both games. Playing chess should be good for me, so I think that I am going to try and play some more so I can learn to stop messing around and being rash.

I am going to try and get the buildroot stuff setup for the waysmalls, I need to start doing development on that platform.

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