Friday, February 02, 2007

Web 2.0

I hate web 2.0. Many sites use those concepts to make my overall experience on the internet slower. To log into blogger, I clicked a button to get the google login. It took about 10 seconds to get the form to login.

The web page didn't refresh! OH! I am so happy!


Don't get me started on the new yahoo mail interface. They are trying to make it like an email application. Except that it takes a lot of bandwidth and is very slow. You also can not do what you want with it, like, actually open up tabs. It has tabs within the window itself!

Comcast has had horrible! service lately, all over the city of Atlanta. The large bandwidth pages a lot of times don't even have the time to load in such an environment. The internet used to be designed so that you could use it with a intermittent connection. Not anymore! We should not assume that you have the internet connected at all times, and that you need to keep a "live link" to the user. That paradigm is important for some things, but definitely not email or blog posting.

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