Monday, February 12, 2007

Chalk and Dry Erase

I was originally going to write this post about happenings in my Chaos class, but the story got better so I am adding to it.

My chaos class has a clock. And this clock you see, it is very annoying. The second hand continuously marches. CONTINUOUSLY. No satisfying tic, toc, counting down time in a discrete manner. Oh no. It has to just swoosh through time.

When I first noticed it, the light was also flickering. I HATE flickering lights. So I had this smooth clock hand, strobed by the flashing light, so it was almost tic-toc-ing.

resolution? Don't look at the clock, and pay attention in class.

On to the meat!

We had a grad student teach the class last Thursday. He was using the chalk, and like most people, he rubbed out a mistake with his hand. That was his first mistake. His second mistake occurred when he then rubbed his chin with the same hand. Instant yellow goatee. The guy went through about half the class with a yellow chalk goatee. It was almost as funny as my Math professor that would get chalk on his hand, and stick it in his pocket. Every class he would recoat the rim of his pocket with chalk.

So, I was chuckling at the dude most of the class. Fast forward to Friday afternoon. I got called up to the board for "Open Mic Fridays" in propulsion. I had to help Mike figure out some unit conversion (btw, only one unit per dimension! we don't need 4 units for length, and 3 for mass!) I did the exact same thing. I was erasing some stuff with my finger, and got my hands coated in the black dust from dry erase boards. I then proceeded to rub my chin in thought as I stared at the board.

I finally realized that I was smearing black dust all over my face.

Luckily, I hadn't shaved, or else you would have been able to tell. I don't think anyone noticed, but I felt pretty dumb, doing the same thing I had said I would never do when watching the guest lecturer.

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Anonymous said...

Time only passes in discrete units on my CPU.

You should elaborate on the discussion that prompted:

"only one unit per dimension! we don't need 4 units for length, and 3 for mass!"