Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Units Discussion

By popular demand, I will give an example of the units problem.

In propulsion, in the United States, they supposedly use almost every unit known to man. We were told that metric units were the devil.

Imagine: ft-lbs, ft-lbs/hr, ft-lbs/s, hp, hp*hr, hp*s, BTU, BTU/s, BTU/hr, ft/s, mph, mps, ft/hr, slug, slugs/second, lbf, lbm, lbm/hr, lbm/s, inches, feet, ft/s, ft/s^2, in/hr, in/hr^2, fathoms, rod/s, and furlongs
in ONE equation. (well, not the last three)

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Sara L. said...

HAHA! This makes me think of my old high school physics teacher. He'd always say..."NO NAKED NUMBERS!!" what a nightmare!....what kind of problem were you doing??