Thursday, February 01, 2007


So, I was thinking about the "surge" in the shower today. I realized that everyone is only focusing on one thing. The number of troops. We haven't really had time to even move the "surge" into Iraq. Things are already changing though. I think that the change in rules of engagement, and standing up to Iranian influence in Iraq will have, and is having, a bigger effect on the outcome than the number of troops. The number of troops is important, but now that we are going after every group, and really going after them (or so it seems), things are changing.

Since the announcement, we have had hundreds of dead enemies, 2-3 leadership positions in the enemy ranks that need filing, and prevented an attack on a religious holiday against a ... surprisingly well armed group. (surprisingly means I think that they had some help... )

Stops travel to Iran and Syria

blah, my internet went down. This post is going to be incomplete.

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