Monday, February 19, 2007

And the money shows cracks...

Follow the money.


Basically, Iran missed a payment to Russia on the new reactor, so Russia has stopped work.

Iran switched from paying in dollars to paying in Euros. (side note: if neither country can pay in their own currency, then both should be rethinking their economy more than weapons...) They also only paid 25% in January. Is Tehran feeling the pinch? Saudi Arabia seems intent on keeping the price of oil around $60 a barrel.

They also ran into some trouble with their centrifuges and seem to be wasting a lot of money and weapons on "manoeuvres" (war games or test firings) designed to show off their military power.

The whole thing could be the result of switching banks, but that seems very weird to me. Anytime you are talking about pieces of billions of dollars, the bank isn't going to say, "Damn it, teller A didn't put in the numbers right". They are going to bend over backwards.

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