Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring cleaning! and weekend

I just noticed that all of my titles suck to my posts.

Titles are hard.

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled post.

Saturday, we cleaned the house. I think it was the first time that we really cleaned the house, all the way through. I even reached along the side of the fridge (who knows, maybe not even touched since the last tenants!), it was gross. If something fell there, we just let it fall into the puddle of poison and grossness and left it hoping that some bug would eat it and die.

It felt really good to get that done though (cleaning the house)[I exaggerate a bit about the sides/under the fridge, but not much]. I bought a new set of shelves, I was very impressed. We were in target to get some other things, these shelves were on clearance, $15. Veneer on particle board, but it seems like it will work for now, and now I have room in my room (no more random stuff just stacked in a laundry basket).

Sunday we went to Medival Times. It was pretty fun for a dinner and a show, as long as you let yourself have fun (the plot is for kids). The horse-work was pretty cool.

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