Thursday, April 08, 2010

Shooting Clays

Andy, Emma, Ben, and I went shooting clays last weekend.

The game was 12 "stations" of two clay launchers (at different speeds/angles) in each station.
Stations 1-10 we shot 8 shots in sets of two, the second clay was launched on the sound of the first shot. Stations 11-12 were 10 shots. We went to Cherokee Rose in Griffin.

Anyway, here is a summary of the performance. Andy did much better than Ben and I. Ben and I had basically the same slope. Andy was about double in performance per station. Station 4 gave Ben and I problems. Station 8 gave Andy and Ben problems. Station 10 gave Andy and Ben problems, but I did my best on that one (I think it was relatively fast, left to right). I tended to do better with fast clays (I suspect I was over-leading).
It looks like Ben got tired at the end, but I think it was just that I did very well(for me) in station 10, then just 1 clay better on the last two.

We were practicing for a fund raiser event where Andy and I are going to be on a team of some sort. I hope that my lines look better next time.

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