Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sporting clays: Fund Raiser

So we went back to the sporting clays place to take part in the GUCA fundraiser for scholarships.

Andy and I were only two, so we played with the guy in charge of the scholarship group, Billy. We had a fourth team member, "Jake", where we took turns playing him for each station.

Anyway, on to results. Andy:62, Me:42, Billy:57, Jake:54. Jake's score was actually very close to the average of our scores (53.67). If we swapped out for Jake's score when we played him (and it was better than we did for ourselves), it was Andy:65, Me:44, Billy:57 (Billy didn't improve).

We started at Station 8, with Andy starting as "Jake" then me, then Billy. Station 2 gave us all some trouble. We all did well on station 9. I felt like some of the stations I "solved", then I would hit them. Getting 8 feels really good. I got all 8 once for myself and once for Jake.

As you can see in the running total, station 2 really stopped my progress. My slope was still lower than the others, but it wouldn't have been that bad with a few more in station 2.

Overall, I improved this time (42 vs 35). There was only one other guy there with a pump shotgun, he seemed to believe it was a handicap. I don't think it mattered. Sometimes I would leisurely pump it, but in general I was fairly brisk with it. In general, I bet if you spent the money on an over/under, you shoot clays (thats about all they are good for (I suppose they ARE a shotgun, but for the money you wouldn't get one if you wanted it for other things)). Most other people had semi-auto shotguns. I think Andy was the only one with a side by side. I think I had the largest magazine capacity, people seemed to enjoy the ol' side by side from Andy (comments like "Take care of that, my grandfather gave me one like it" and "I am scared to shoot my old shotgun that looks like yours"). I got comments more like "Where does he live, Grant Park?"[evidently a high(er) crime area of Atlanta (historically?)] and "He can fit a whole box of ammo in that magazine" (I wish! (actually, I don't that would be really heavy)). Its amazing what a black parkerized finish and some black plastic can do to change people's mind about an action.

Note: Reading back over this, I found many typos. Ha, tell me if there are more! I am getting sloppy in my old age.

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