Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Recent happenings

I was walking to school on Tuesday, and I had to walk through sprinklers to get to the bus on time. This girl was watching me walk through the sprinklers, and just as I made it through and shook off the water the sprinklers turned off. I thought this was hilarious, and I think the girl thought I was crazy.

I bought a domain name last night. This means everyone can forget about remembering my ip address, and when I move around, I can keep everything the same, just change the DNS info in one place.

... found out I therefore need a DNS server. So I'll be setting that up soon.

TONS of reading to do.

I got Notre Dame tickets for the block, we got 29 tickets. Come and get them if you didn't already.

I got my international version of the book we needed for class today. It was about 40% of the cost of the US version.

A pellet gun can shoot through aluminum beer bottles made by Budweiser.

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