Monday, August 14, 2006

Peter Pan Party

The Peter Pan party turned out to be a good time. They had a three story tree house (although the crow's nest was off limits during the party. The tree house had electricity and a pole to slide down (like a fireman's pole). I had an epic battle with a blue bean bag chair in the driveway, and the concrete won. You can see it is just a scrape, but it also is bruised underneath. I tore my pants, and also wounded my palms and one elbow. The good news is that I did not spill but a drop of my drink, even after the tuck and roll maneuver. I had an eye patch and was walking backwards. I was a decent pirate, I think Todd and Andy had better costumes though. Eye patches suck, you lose depth perception and if it is made from cardboard and duct tape it gets annoying.

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