Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fun Sunday

Saturday night we played Settlers of Catan at Nic's. Afterwards we went to find a drunken Adam that we left to wander Nic's apartment complex while we played. He was sleeping by the pool. We left to Homepark for the Rugby party and an Indian party that was supposed to help cancer.

I didn't have more than one drink on Saturday, so Sunday was able to be a good day. I was planning on doing some homework, but you know how that goes... I went with Sara and Erin to Noodle, had the customary Thai Peanut Noodle (w/ a coconut sauce). We got a group together and went to the pool at Sara's place. Nic, Todd, Alex, Sara, Andykerr, Erin, and I were at the pool. We played some frisbe, drank a bit, and played with aluminum beer bottles. Those bottles are pretty neat. Can't crush them with the pressure of 8 ft of water.

After the pool we went to Nic's because they have a good BBQ place. We got brauts and burger meat. Good times eating grilled food, chips, and cokes. Back to Nic's for some large-tv Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now I am going to camp out near the stadium for the Notre Dame game, tickets come out tomorrow morning. We got a 26 person block right now.

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