Saturday, August 12, 2006

And everything stays the same...

Israel to halt war in Lebanon on Monday - Yahoo! News
So everything stays the same. There is a "cease-fire", but with complications. The Hizbollah side vows to continue fighting while Israeli troops are in southern Lebanon. The Israeli side says that they will stay in southern Lebanon until the UN forces arrive. These are mutually exclusive, so the cease fire will be used by both sides as an excuse to keep fighting. Israel gets to say it "tried the diplomatic route", and Hizbollah can say that it would have followed the UN resolution if only Israel hadn't stayed to continue fighting.
I hope that France actually has the authority to shoot both sides if they do not comply. I would prefer dead Hizbollah, but this is sort of a "test" for the UN. They really haven't done anything useful for resolving conflicts in a while. I doubt very much that the UN is going to be able to disarm Hizbollah, but time will tell.

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