Sunday, May 31, 2009

Alarm clocks and not using them

So, since I have been here, I have not used my alarm clock to wake up in the morning.

I wake up naturally before the alarm goes off and disable it after I decide that 9 more minutes of sleeping won't do me any good.

A few times I have woken up, freaked out, thinking I am late, then realized that I had an hour to sleep. Then I woke up like 10 minutes before.


Should I just not turn the alarm clock on? If I do that, I bet I over sleep.

My sleeping brain has some alarm clock fear...
OR, its the damn crows scaring off the cat that wakes at 6:21...


Charles Domercant said...

Get a rooster and your problems will be solved :)

sstc said...

ha, the crows do that for me!

Seriously, today, I got up, but he left as I got to the window.

I had a glass of water to throw at him.

I might make a scare-crow.