Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Track fidel update

So I was curious about the health of Fidel, he has been posting fairly recently.

When I ran my code, I ended up with a negative number of days, investigating, I found something interesting around June 22th 2008. The post is labeled and seems to have been posted on June 22th, but the date on the file seems to be June 4th.

He might have written the article on the 4th, but then decided to post it on the 22nd. June 4th is in the middle of a 17 day drought of posts, and also when he seemed to not be feeling well both before and after based on his posts. He broke the 2 week barrier three times around that date.

I am going to make the code sort the dates, I am assuming that the date on the file is more accurate than the date in the listing. I'll try and remember this though, it did identify a date range where he was lacking on posting.

Also, on the 20th and 21st, the numbers ((2 and 0) and (2 and 1)) are split up in the text, and are actually different fonts. You find more weird things about words or numbers being different in the html, but not on the visible side. (see October for a recent set)

Anybody have enough free time to figure out the Castro html blog cipher? (heh)

Overall diagnosis: Zombie Castro is healthy!

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