Friday, October 03, 2008

Taxes and this election

I am not saying this is the only thing you should care about when voting, but it is an interesting data point that backs up one candidate's position on taxes.

IT companies moving to Ireland because taxes rock there.

Why have your company here if it will hurt your competitiveness and reduce profits? You can still do business in the United States, just shift the accounting such that no income occurs here that you can be taxed on. Other American (like.. Halliburton!) moved to Dubai to get away from taxes.

If you tax the rich to give to the poor, the rich will just move away. Remember, they own the jets that enable them to do that.

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mike faria said...

My understanding is this is the international HQ for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Makes sense to me if you're going to have an "international HQ" for these regions to have it in Ireland where the business tax is the cheapest.

It still has it's basis of operations in Palo Alto, CA I believe. That's not moving. Even if it did, OH NOOOOES what will we do without facebook and it's 150 employees? Somebody else will start another social networking site and base it out of the US.