Thursday, October 02, 2008

First try at baking bread

I got a rice cooker as a gift recently and realized that I could probably use it as a crock pot. In researching that idea on the web, I found that I could also bake bread in it. What follows is the tale of the first bread.

1. Dough after kneading - I had to add quite a bit more flour than he used. Maybe I messed up when I added the water.
2. Halfway through a rise (there were two rise periods)
3. At the end of a rise
4. First flip of the bread - very good amount of browning, may have been rough and collapsed some bubbles
5. Second flip - as you can see, a bit burnt, I tried to oursmart the rice cooker and failed. DO NOT FORCE YOUR RICE COOKER TO STAY ON THE "COOK SETTING, YOU MAY DAMAGE YOUR RICE COOKER)
6. Finished bread cooling (yes, I know I spilled tomato soup on the range and need to clean it)
7. Loaf cut in half - you can see that one side was cooked better than the other side which seems collapsed. Bread was sort of chewy because of the lack of air bubbles.

So you can cook bread in a rice cooker!

Recipe from instructables. Be sure to watch it, the times for cooking are very dependent on your brand and size of rice cooker.








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