Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Traitor: The Movie

I watched Traitor last weekend. 

Pretty good movie, fairly accurate. I would reccomend it, makes you think, and you also believe in the characters. The characters have depth, you try and figure out what they would do in situtations outside of the script. You want to know what motivates them. 

One comment though. At one point, a terrorist dude says something about how America forgets that it was once a terrorist too (in reference to the Revolution). 

There is a big difference between the current terrorist mindset and the American revolutionaries.

The terrorists want to dismantle the governments created by the people and subjugate others. They want to convert everyone to their beliefs or kill them. 
The American revolutionaries wanted to create a place where they could self govern. They did not try and take over Britain and force it to be a democracy. They didn't want to take over the world. 

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