Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oil Change and Gear Oil Change

The scooter was due for its first oil and gear oil change with the mileage at 191.4. I really didn't know what engine oil to use, because I got 3 different answers from 3 different sources, 2 were the manual itself (15w-40,10w-30,5w-50). I decided on 5W-30 and used that.

The engine oil was fairly uneventful, the oil was pretty dirty though. I found small shavings in the oil drain plug. The plug is spring-loaded, so it was hard to get started when it was covered in oil. There is a small screen that I also cleaned.

The gear oil drainage bolt was really hard to get off. A sticker on the gear box said to use GL-3 oil. Online, I found that I was supposed to use 85w-140. I had bought GL-5 85w-140 gear oil at walmart. A quick check online later, I found that I might be able to use the GL-5 its supposed to be for heavier duty applications and also can dissolve bronze gears?! so I am taking a small risk. Hopefully my transmission does not corrode itself?

I have to take the oil to a waste oil place, I don't really know where I am supposed to take it. I am going to stop in on an oil change place and ask them.

Old oil = teh dirty. New oil = nice.

I'll tell you how it rides and take pictures next time I change the oil.

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