Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Laser TV

Laser Televisions Promise More Vibrant Images (its an update to a MDA article from fall 2006)

Where it Stands

Since then, Novalux announced a major joint development and license agreement with Seiko Epson Corporation that resulted in the use of NECSEL-based illumination devices in microdisplay-based lasers. It also secured $21.7 million in financing and joined forces with Unaxis Optics, a Switzerlandbased company, with further hopes of using NECSELs in projection displays. In addition, Novalux is pursuing several other deals with major television manufacturers.

Users should see Novalux’s lasers in the future, and not just in their televisions. Within the display market, they have potential for use in movie theater projectors, heads-up displays, and car dashboards. Novalux is also planning to market its lasers in cell phone picoprojectors — devices that will allow consumers to project large, sharp, radiant images directly onto walls and screens using portable, hand-held laser displays built into their cell phones.

So basically, don't settle for anything less than a laser TV. They should be arriving soon. The picoprojectors interest me, thats basically a carry-able big screen tv once they get it all figured out. You just need a wall.

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