Monday, September 08, 2008

Scooter Brake Saga

I need to do my first oil change soon on my scooter. The person I bought it from said to do it at 100 miles. The user manual says to do it at 300 km (186.4 ish miles). The user manual, dude at the shop, and sticker on the scooter all say to use different engine oil. I am going to do more research for which one I should really use.

In checking out where everything was and making sure that I could do the oil change, I decided to locate a few things and fix the one of the nagging problems that the scooter has (squeaky front brake due to me). I found the idle adjustment screw, I thought I heard it idling a bit lean, but that may be a good thing. In the winter I think I will have to change the idle setting.

I also found out where to stiffen up the rear brakes. Now the rear brakes work when you push it a small distance, instead of having to hold it down onto the handle.

My front brakes started squeaking after I tried to make them stop rubbing when the brakes were off. On Sunday, I pushed on the brake when the disk was not in the calipers. This moved the piston forward and I could not get it to go back. I had to bleed the brake fluid from the brake system and figure out how it all worked.

In the end, I bought new brake fluid and refilled the front brake reservoir, and got the air bubbles out of the lines (I think) (side note: this may be an excuse to get that brake vacuum pump that I have always wanted). One screw holding the brake fluid in was so tight that I bent my screwdriver and stripped the screw trying to get it out. I had to use my dremel to cut a slot into the screw and use a very large flat head screwdriver to get it out. To cut the slot properly, I had to cut a bit into the casing. blah.

off to the store to get a new screw...

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