Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saturday Game + Sunday Turkish festival

So we went to the game. Adam, Andy, Dana, Hakeem, Jeremy, Nic, Sara, Todd, and Zb. Sorry Todd, your name is next to Zb, it was the alphabet's fault. We went in the North gates, but walked to the South side to sit behind the Gold-fellas. They are these guys that paint up in yellow and have bright yellow wigs. Adam is/was a member, so we got to sit right behind them. Second row! Sara and Nic are the best fans in the Stadium. Everyone else not in our group definitely needs more school spirit. We as a group were much more lively than the goldfellas, they disappoint. Adam was the "b" in "bulldogs", the name of the other team's mascot. We pulled Buzz, the mascot up into the stands, and everyone except me molested Buzz in some way. I had gone to get water. Nic and Sara were yelling at Buzz the whole game to come and visit us. Zb left early and missed the excitement. We destroyed the other team, 3rd or 4th string QB was in by the end of it.

We went to ice cream at marble slab post game. I had peanutbutter/strawberry w/Oreo mixins. MEOW. MEEEEOOOOOWWWW. I think we freaked out some little kids. Boots needs to be shared, his meow is designed to wake the dead. We yelled cheers and talked to people stuck in traffic on tenth street on the way home. We got word that one of our friends fell asleep early, and we almost drew on his face with a permanent marker. We picked up a Lisa along the way and went to Rocky Mountain for pizza. I think the waitress was disappointed in the lack of beer ordering. "We'll take a water for everyone", and her face fell. We ended up back at my place, and festivities resumed until late into the night.

I went to the Turkish festival hoping for some shawarma, but it was not meant to be. I did have some humus and other assorted Turkish foodstuffs. We got there kind of late, so we basically had time to eat, and then left for football. It was an epic game! between Denisse, Sara, and I, and Erica, Melissa, and Steph. My team won under the great Quarterbacking of Sara, and the running skillz of Denisse. I had one touchdown, and the last was Denisse out running Steph and Erica. Thanks to Steph for insisting that we play, I need to play more random games in parks.

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