Sunday, September 10, 2006

Friday-Saturday Morning

Well, Friday is pretty easy. I had a splitting headache and went to bed early. I ate dinner, and took a nap. Woke up, and turned three times, and fell asleep till morning.

Saturday was a more interesting day. I went with Andy, Josh, and Sara to a gun show. I bought a rail so that I could mount the red dot that I bought earlier. The rail/mount was on backorder, and it was the same price so I canceled the backorder-ed part. Bad news though, the rail is not the right size for the rings, so I am still not able to mount the optics. AND! I need a new case because it won't fit with the optics installed. A vendor tried to sell me on a 40 round 1911 mag, but I thought better of it (what would I need a 40 round mag for? ... ZOMBIES)

Andy is now the proud owner of an SKS. He bought a sling for it, and the person that sold it to him is an interesting character. Coyote Frank was giving beads out to women at the show, "Hey lady! want some beads? You don't have to do nothing for um". Turns out he went to Troy (the school that we are playing next week), and played on the football team. He told us that we were like the 70's gang, all we needed was an Ar-ab. I suppose that he thought that Fez was an arab? I am not entirely sure... HOPEFULLY we see him at the game, it is sure to be amusing. His card has a picture of him and his wife in a bathtub, old west style. They "weren't naked". Her face is blurred so that "some punk kid doesn't tell his momma and get her fired" from a teaching job. We "learned" that Andy is squeaky clean, but that was expected. Personally*, I think that Andy isn't squeaky clean, but that the FBI just had his file on its desk.

Josh found a nice shotgun that "felt right", and I have to agree with him. It was a pump action with a pistol grip, no stock (but came with one). We both preferred the plastic stock SKS with a pistol grip (also the folding stock version), but admit that it might not have been as fiscally responsible for the intended use.

Sara believes that grenade launcher attach points are overkill. I wonder what she will do when the zombies come! or the Giant mutated spiders (we watched the end of eight legged freaks). I would agree with her, but I think that the point of having one is that it IS absurd. You can't really get a grenade to launch, so it really is useless.

After the show we went to get some items from my sister's place. Turns out it is near Andy's childhood home, so we toured his neighborhood also.

*not my real opinion, Andy is of outstanding character. (well, not outstanding, but at least he isn't a convicted felon)

BRAINS .. mmmm .. BRAINS


Anonymous said...

You were correct with 'of outstanding character.'

It strikes me as odd to have an opinion on the grenade launcher attachment, as the launcher on an SKS is not worth having and not worth taking off. It contributes little in the way of aesthetics and weight, and no one can legally launch grenades anyway.

That being said, let's go to the range.


sstc said...

I think it was an opinion of grenade launchers in general. I don't think it we discussed where it was, what it looked like, or any real details.

To the range indeed.