Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And so it begins...

Ahmadinejad Purges

I hope that the world will begin to understand. These things seem to follow a set pattern. First the people lose freedoms. Then the government begins to remove those that oppose it, within the government and within the new generation. How do you remove people in the new generation before they cause trouble? Why by removing their teachers and other people that encourage the people to think for themselves. He has "cracked down on independent journalists, web sties, and bloggers". There is a VERY good reason that we have the Bill of Rights. It is designed to contain rights that allow for a peaceful revolution, and hopefully, liberty for all.

The people need to be aware of what is happening around them, and also learn/share ideas and information with the world. This is accomplished through the media and connections with other people (internet). The professors that he has the most problems with are the very same professors that are working for more freedom of expression. They must be on to something, and he must be scared of it.

The purges have not happened yet. And that is an important point. We will see how much power he really has.

Iran is on a very slow motion train wreck, and following a pattern we have all seen before. It is our duty as part of mankind to detect, see, and avoid this problem. (DSA is a term that they were using for automated TCAS type stuff (collision avoidance in airplanes)).

Btw, they need to allow women into soccer games. They obviously have never been to a football game with drunken hot chicks. (more so because they don't drink, or play football). Good thing the Iranian chicks showed up for the world cup.

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