Friday, July 07, 2006

RIP Backyard Beans

So my fucking mower dude decided to kill my beans that were not in a pot or on a raised portion of earth. The beans that I planted in my backyard went from this:

to this:

no really, it was this:

I don't understand why the washing machine was moved:

but the bricks were pushed together on top of the plants, I moved them apart to see the carnage. Sara is holding a broken bean plant in her hand, it is oh so sad.

So I am not very happy.

Plans include:

  • sharpened sticks pointing outward
  • a sign that says "Don't fucking touch my beans"
  • calling the landlord to ask the mower dude not to be retarded
  • I would have booby traps, but they are illegal in this state
  • Webcam w/snapshots when it detects motion
  • Only doing the first three bullets

I am going to completely move the washing machine though. It blocked the sun most of the day. The strongest plant was the one that was the most out of the washing machine's influence. I would have thought that using bricks and the washing machine to make a wall around the beans would be enough deterrent. The beans were also planted in a grid, and weeded. It looked like developed land! He moved the washing machine (for what reason!?) and then moved the bricks together so that everything was crushed. The strongest plant was only slightly bent, I am going to lash him to a stick until he gets strong again. I have two bean plants that probably shouldn't be in the potted plant that I am going to transplant to that location. It is the best location that I chose, and it was productive. The plants in the raised earth part next to the pot are in shitty soil and are growing slower.

To end on a good note, these beans are still good:

I should have beans to eat by end of July/early August. Everyone is invited for green bean casserole.

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