Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bean Plants update #2

My mom bought me a pepper plant a few days ago, and I planted it into the pot that used to hold the beans on Tuesday. The pepper plant has one pepper (of the bell pepper variety). I was checking on the crushed bean plants between tues-wed and I found out that some were flowering. On wed, I found out that some had BEANS.

So, today, I cleared out all of the weeds in the back plot, moved 4 bricks around them. I watered them, and wanted to thin the plants so everyone got the sun that they needed. The crushed plants grew toward more sun, and ended up along the ground until they could get around the washing machine. So I moved the washing machine. I found sticks and used some hemp to make the bean plants more vertical. They are really good at listening to changes in direction. Four bean plants remain there, and I converted them from "crushed and running along the ground" to "proud and standing tall". I also watered them, and might re-water when it gets cooler today. We were supposed to get rain, but we haven't.

The worst off bean plant that I removed from that plot I planted into the ground near the pepper pot. It will remain horizontal. I took off the kink in the stem, and basically planted the stem. In the other plants, I noticed that when bent and close to the ground, they grew roots, so I am experimenting. This is in the "flowerbed" plot, and it is shitty soil.

The other two bean plants that I wanted to transplant I added to the pepper plant pot. This was the pot with potting soil and purchased at ace hardware. I added them, and used sticks to try and make them grow how I wanted. I used hemp to tie them to the sticks. I hope that one of those survive, it had the most flowers out of all of them. It also has one green bean on it.

Hopefully, the plants can begin to make fruit for my labors, and stop spending all of their energy on fighting the stress of being crushed and fighting against those vines. They need to be spending the energy making babies for me to eat. And dry for storage and planting next year.

I know, this post needs pics. If you are so inclined, donate to the "Joe Camera Fund" by using this link:

If you are not as inclined to donate, yell at me to buy a disposable digital camera and convert it into one I can get the photos off.

I will make all of my readers a green bean casserole if the plants are successful.

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