Monday, July 24, 2006

How to beat us.

There has been more and more people lately talking about the lose-lose situation that democracies are in at the moment against terrorism. Either we attack terrorists hiding in civilian populations (and therefore kill civilians) or we don't attack the terrorists and allow our own civilians to die. Western nations need to stop taking the smack from countries like North Korea and Iran, and terrorist organizations such as Hizbollah or Al Qieda (who cares how you spell it). We need to figure out a new paradigm of warfare/ rules for dealing with non-state actors.

The American Thinker

In World War II there was no talk of a “cease-fire” with Japan, or of a “buffer zone” between Japan and China. No one thought it made sense to merely “disarm” or “degrade” the Wehrmacht, or to just push Hitler back into Germany where his National Socialist party could continue to dominate the Reichstag. And no one who suggested that the fire-bombing of Dresden, or the D-Day invasion, were a “disproportionate response” to Hitler’s invasion of Poland was taken seriously.

Ha, I just realized that I have been talking about this alot.

I am struck by the difference in reactions to civilian deaths in the Israeli-Hizbollah conflict. There has been MANY cries for humanitarian aid for displaced peoples in Lebanon, but I haven't heard one for Israelis. It is like there are no missiles coming down specifically to target civilians in Israel. At least the missiles going to Lebanon are an attempt to kill military targets (and not packed with ball bearings).

I need to implement the blog paradigm of having a short summary/introduction and a "more after the fold" link to expand it.

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