Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random pics I forgot to blog about

Pic 1: I was zeroing the mosin and using its carry case that I made from some old jeans to hold it up (sort of as a bench rest). In my movements, the case was hit with muzzle blast or a bullet. It basically shredded into confetti and made some huge holes.

Pic 2: Finding out the score of a bocce ball game during festivities. That was a great day, we rolled down this big grass hill, had (wine and beer) with (cheese or salmon spread) and crackers)). We met this outgoing kid, Justin, that wanted to play bocce with us. We let him play (well, throw the balls around randomly). I was talking to his dad, and he runs up "what are you drinking".... pause from me, then "Apple juice". Later he says "do you have to drink apple juice when you are playing bocce?" ---- my answer "but of course!" [note: people tell me that it was not apple juice]. [also, those are not my toes!]

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Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you pointed out that those were not your toes! but I think I do recognize the sandals...