Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Robots and their place in teh world

Diesel Sweeties summarizes an interesting idea I first ran across from Marshall Brain, the howstuffworks guy. In 'Manna' he discusses some ways that we might end up using robots. One is to free ourselves, the other is to enslave ourselves.
Marshall Brain has some good ideas, but also some bad ones. He leans a bit too much toward "going after those bastard fat cats that steal from the common man".

The commie dream may be obtainable using robots. That way, everyone gets to be leadership that profits off of the masses, the masses being robots.

I'm not betting on the commie dream, or it removing money/greed, but I wouldn't mind more folks working on fulfilling work to better mankind.

The transition will probably be rough, I should look at the grocery store cashier and airport ticket agent employment.

Wall-e also explored this concept, with all of the humans being fat beings that just consumed. Consumed food, fashion, and widgets while hovering on robots that moved them around.

If we start displacing workers with robots, but don't have anywhere for them to go, we will eventually run into social unrest. Remember, I am not just talking about physical robots that look humanoid, I am talking about the robots you use every day. yes you! Google. Amazon. Most of the interwebs.

Bet on humanity, we rock.

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