Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Heh. In making sure I spelled Congrefs correctly, I found out that my blog is #4 on the list!

In other news...

We need Bush to grow some balls like Swarchenegger. Congress not passing the FY09 budget, that means it is looking like we will have another continuing resolution. That means that we are stuck at FY06 funding levels.

One of the reasons that we choose congress is to pass the budget so that our government can continue to operate. Their job description includes "how to come to compromises to get things done".

Bush, how about you do the same thing that Arnold did, and threaten to put EVERY federal employee at the federal minimum wage until they pass the budget? I doubt that the congressmen will not finish the budget before their 5 week summer break. Its not hot any more in the summer, we invented air conditioning.

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