Sunday, July 13, 2008

Neighborhood Raccoon

Our apartment complex has a raccoon.

I think my neighbor feeds him. Afraid of humans, but also sort of trusting, I accidentally scared him a few times, and he kept coming back out and staring at me. I was sort of excited and loud, and didn't want to lose him, so I ran toward him in a loud manner. I wasn't sure that it was a raccoon, i thought it might be a cat, although it was pretty big.

Hopefully I can see him again. Now I know what got into some trash that we left outside one day.

The raccoon doesn't dig up my plants, as far as I know. I have caught the squirrels red handed though.


yajeev said...

I love the second picture where it looks like the raccoon thinks it can see you but you can't see him.

Emma said...

haha me too :)

Anonymous said...

Neighbor: Oh yeah. I've seen that guy around. I feed him sometimes.

Me: (-incredulously-) You ...feed him??

Neighbor: Yeah. He knows me by now. He hears me coming and is like..."Thats my man Dev. Coming with the food."

so yes...our neighbor and the raccoon are on a first name basis. ....but I wonder what the raccoon's name is? Hmmm.....