Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Web Browser usage as a predictor of the Gap

Firefox 3 pledge map vs. the Pentagon’s new map

One interesting quote that I found:

Non-Integrated Gap countries with the most pledges are Iran, Turkey, Venezuela, Peru, and Indonesia – interesting list. Seems to suggest that many of the countries the US tries to isolate are actually the most connected.
We have to do something with Iran, but I am becoming less and less convinced that bombing them is going to work. If we have to use military force, I would say a blockade would have the desired effect with the best ROI. We need to engage the Iranians and figure out a way to work with them.

They seem to lack many of the labor issues of other nearby countries (see previous post) and already have decent local industry (largest car production in the middle east, could be because of their relative population size (~70 million (more than Saudi Arabia + Iraq + Jordan combined)), but its still something). The car production is 4% of GDP and matches Australian or Thai output. They even are exporting cars/production to Venezuela.

Messed up economy due to too much government interference, but isn't that the problem in most places. If we could help them curb their "death to infidels" urges, we might be able to help turn the country around to a productive member of the world economy. I'm thinking that China will beat us to this.

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