Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fat lip and weekend adventures

Last weekend I went tubing with Todd and Sara. Matt and Denisse were in a kayak with Bella (dog). Right at the beginning Matt threw a beer can at my face, and I cut my lip on my teeth. I also got a bruise.

The water there is really cold. In the inner tube, your butt is sitting in the water. I was being silly and decided to get Bella into my lap for a while. She was ok, but didn't like having some of her body in the water. I decided to let her go back to the boat, but when she jumped off she tore a hole into the inner tube. I had to keep a finger in the hole the whole time after that. It was about half way, and the trip was about 5 hours long. Todd needed to get somewhere in a hurry, so Denisse and Matt left Sara and I with a paddle and zoomed away. With me sinking and having only one useful arm, we traveled very slowly. Sara kept us moving, and I tried to help with the paddle, and ended up getting a blister on my finger from it. By the time we got to the exit point, i was mostly in the water and contemplating either swimming or getting out of the water to warm up.

Anyway, bring a canoe or kayak if you start at bufford dam, that water is COLD. Boats also travel MUCH faster than an inner tube on a slow moving creek. The inner tube wins on going down rapids though. Wear enough suntan lotion (ahem, Todd/Sara) or else you will be hurting the next week (and also have cool lobster tans with great patterns).

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