Friday, April 25, 2008

Headlines from the AP

Great headline from the AP.

I dunno, to me, it looks like the US bombed Syria. I couldn't remember the US doing that lately, so I decided to read the article. Oh, I got it now. It's our fault because we didn't tell the UN information that can get our people killed and dismantle years and years of setup. If you take the risks, you get to have the benefit of the information.

I don't know what to say about this ElBaradei. How is he equal to our own Congress?

The International Atomic Energy Agency said Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei also was not provided information about the site until Thursday, the same day U.S. officials briefed members of the House Intelligence Committee about evidence including dozens of photographs taken from ground level and footage of the interior of the building gathered by spy satellites after the Israeli strike seven months ago.

On the other hand, our own intelligence committee, they are valid:
Intelligence committee members also expressed anger Thursday over the seven-month time lapse before their committee was briefed.
As that is the type of stuff they are supposed to be in the loop about.


Great video about the incident

The video is very revealing, I was surprised. Just think about how they got some of those pictures. Someone has some big marbles.

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