Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Comcast Call:Trying to Cancel (it worked, I think!)

Apr 8 2008:

I am going to attempt to call comcast and get my service canceled.

11:02 am Placed call

11:04 First human, John
11:06 Actually seems to be getting things done, just needs the nebulous "confirmation code"
11:12 It seems that the official comcast policy is to not change my bill until after the disconnect.

John told me that I should pay the prorated amount, then wait until the cancel for the other charges to disappear. I can't believe that it is comcast policy. (I asked him)

To be clearer
They can not change the bill, ie, what I am supposed to pay, until after it cancels. So right now, I owe them 66 dollars. When prorated it will be 53 dollars. The will not send me a new bill (or change it online) to reflect the fact that I am canceling service. Once they cancel it, I won't owe the money. As it stands, I seem to owe the money. Does that make sense? If not, you can see what I am dealing with.

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