Sunday, July 01, 2007

WWYD? Man on fire

So, what would you do? Imagine some asshat drives through the doors of your local airport. He gets out a can of gas and light himself on fire. He tries to do the ninja thing while on fire until he collapses...

"I watched the guy burning. He still tried to attack a policeman. I was convinced he was trying to detonate something. "He was on fire and he was still desperately trying to get into the boot. There were another two explosions. "People all around were in tears and shouting and screaming at the man to lie down. An off-duty cop was hosing him down with a fire extinguisher and other people were shouting, 'let him burn.' "He wasn't interested in being saved - he wanted to die and take all of us with him."

I think I would be in the camp with the fire extinguisher. Just so I could kick him in the nuts and then light him on fire again.

Read the whole thing.

What would you do?

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William said...

I've seen the movies. You're supposed to beat someone with a stick until the fire goes out. Right?