Sunday, July 22, 2007

Binary Drivers... my experience

So, I was trying to get my laptop into a usable form for school. I figured that being able to "hibernate" would be very useful as I could see myself having to close up very quickly and not want to close all of my programs.

I ran into a problem. The nvidia binary drivers did not work with hibernate. I had installed the drivers to get acceptable 3D performance for a folight simulator. In the end, I didn't have a port for a joystick so I really didn't have anything that tied me to the binary drivers.

Quick uninstall of the binary drivers from nividia, and bam. Hibernate works. For some reason I have to bring down the wireless and bring it back up to get internet again, but I can make a script to handle that for me.

So, not knowing too much about all of the arguements between letting in "tainted" drivers into the kernel, I don't like the binary only ones. They make it so hibernate doesn't work. (easily, I saw a how-to online, but it looked like a pain in the ass and I would probably have to redo it if I upgrade)

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