Thursday, June 22, 2006

Interesting way to explain standards...


"thought there was no STREAMS support in the official kernel, just an
add-on set of sources, which I think Caldera used to ship
as part of their system back in their non-loony days, so I'm puzzled by
SCO's claim. I'm also puzzled because it is an implementation of a
standard. Just because Linux implements something SCO once
licensed an implementation of, that doesn't make SCO the owner of other
people's implementations.
It's like if we both take a picture of a nice sunset. Just because you
license your picture, it doesn't mean you now own mine as well. The
sunset is there for us both to photograph. It's the same with
standards. If you implement a standard, and I'm sitting right next to
you and I implement a standard, the same standard, it's like the two
photographs of the sunset. And yes, inevitably they will look a lot

If only SCO would STFU and just go home and stop wasting everyone's time and money. If only I could short SCO stock (SCOX)
Groklaw is good stuff, she gets the court documents that are public. The IBM lawyers are AWESOME, and I definitely recommend reading some of their work sometime.

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